Fifi Box Once Went On A Date With Chopper Read & She Was Terrified

The fear was very real.

Fifi Box Once Went On A Date With Chopper Read & She Was Terrified

With the new series ‘Underbelly Files: Chopper’ premiering last Sunday night, it reminded Fifi Box of when she went on a blind date with the infamous criminal – and the audio is frightening. 

On the Fifi, Fev & Byron show, Box shared the story of how she was lead into a pub in Collingwood with a blindfold over her eyes. The audio spoke for itself as she screeched at the sight of him. 

In some disbelief, Box nervously asked Chopper if it was him, just before he told her he had been in jail with someone who shared her first name. 

It was then Chopper told of what usually happens when people come into the room described as a ‘dungeon’. Box then went on to create small talk which included a comparison between Katy Perry’s grill at the VMAs and Choppers teeth. 

When the meal was served, Box got a shock when a pigs ear was served to her. The audio hears Chopper try to make his terrified date eat it before Box revealed how genuinely scared she was. 

Listen to the audio below. Be warned, there are some themes listeners may find disturbing. 


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