Official Word from Kmart HQ

Kmart's Opening Its Doors In Griffith

Official Word from Kmart HQ

It’s the question on everyone in the Riverina's lips…. WHEN IS KMART OPENING?!?!


Speculation is running rife around town with Facebook noticeboards being asked the question on a weekly basis and we’re sure the Woolies staff are sick of being asked when their neighbours are moving in.

Well guys, we have the answer! Sort of…

This is the Official word from a Kmart Spokesperson:

“We are excited to formally announce that Kmart Australia will be opening in Griffith in 2019. We thank the community and look forward to opening our doors and celebrating our everyday low prices”

Between you and me though… the same spokesperson said to not expect the doors to open until mid-to-late 2019.

Looks like we're going to have to make new Christmas shopping plans :((((