Dr Karl Kruszelnicki Shares Fun Facts With Claire & Keeshia!

His new book is SO cool

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki Shares Fun Facts With Claire & Keeshia!

This morning on the show, Claire & Keeshia spoke to Dr Karl Kruszelnicki to chat about his new book, Vital Science. But that's not all, Keeshia is a HUGE fan of Dr Karl and even fangirled over him!

So, what is Vital Science actually about? Here's all you need to know:

Discover why people tell lies, why some planets are hotter than stars and how humans are terraforming the Earth. Is cockroach milk really the next Superfood? Why are birds so smart? Why do trees need each other to grow and how do they communicate? Why did a group of scientists voluntarily starve to death while surrounded by tonnes of food?

How long does a decapitated head stay "alive"? What human artefacts can be seen with the naked eye from the International Space Station? Who is Bertha Benz and how will her first car trip revolutionise air transport tomorrow?

Finally, monitor your breathing and learn why whales are so big, why oral histories can be surprisingly accurate and try the five tried-and-tested steps to becoming a wellness guru.

Dr Karl shared some suuuper fun facts with Claire & Keeshia about how the brain works, how much water whales swallow and much more. But Keeshia had a confession to make...she's a massive fan of Dr Karl!

Listen to Keeshia have a fangirl moment over Dr Karl: