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The Townsville Spot Where You Can Chill AND Feed Turtles

In case you didn't know...

The Townsville Spot Where You Can Chill AND Feed Turtles

Going to Uni at JCU in Douglas meant I was only ever a short walk to Ross River which offers so much more than just a pretty view. 

A trip to 'the river' back in 2009 meant walking along the path with a box of Shapes and a beach towel in hand for an afternoon at the pontoon. 

A few years on life is a lot busier and 'the river' isn't as close but the memories are still there! 

My fiance and I made the drive over to the pontoon and it is exactly what a busy mind needs...peacefulness, a beautiful view, and turtles. Yes, turtles. 

These little guys (actually they're pretty big from all the bread they get fed) venture to the surface regularly for a nibble of whatever you're offering.  

With some bread slices in hand, I was looked upon quite favourably by the Ross River residents as I tore each piece down to bite sizes. 

The next time you need 'a break from it all', drive down to the Townsville & JCU Rowing Club, set yourself up on the bridge and take in the scenery and the cute critters.