Deadliest Animal in Australia Revealed

It may surprise you...

Deadliest Animal in Australia Revealed

Australia is well known for its deadly animals with 21 out of 25 the most venomous snakes in the world calling Australia home and more spiders than you could poke a stick at.

But despite all of this, the University of Melbourne has released a study revealing the most deadly animal in this great southern land and turns out it isn’t sharks, crocodiles or magpies. It is in fact, the humble bee.

That’s right, the most dangerous animal in the country is the bee with stings and bites being taken into account, it actually kinda makes sense.

Western Australia is home to more than a few types of bees, like the Reed Bee, The Masked, The Leafcutter, The Blue Banded and of course The Teddy Bear Bee.

The Teddy Bear Bee? Really? Over The Great White Shark? The Killer Whale? Even a Red Back Spider? Nope, The Teddy Bear takes the top spot so while you sit back and enjoy your honey be very aware of these deadly critters.