Townsville's Dream Holiday Is....

Where would you go?

Townsville's Dream Holiday Is....

The stats are in and Townsvillians have a case of USA-itis.

We polled our Hit VIP’s on what their dream holiday would involve and the number one response coming in thick and fast was to head straight to the United States, while the second highest response was Hawaii…. Which is still, in the United States.

We don’t know if it’s the whopping food portions, the glitzy nightlife or the chance to spot your fave celeb walking on Rodeo Drive, but whatever your reason it’s pretty clear the U.S is one hot destination right now.

Coming in at Number 3 on the list was Italy, a country also known for its brilliant pizza and scandalous politicians.

The number one response for “who’s your ideal travel partner” was our VIP’s significant other, proving that good ol T-ville is clearly either super loved up at the moment, or we just have a lot of listeners who don’t wanna have to carry their own suitcases.

So go on Townsville, get booking and take that overseas adventure!#usa