Townsville Van's Outrageous #TowingTechnique Has The Whole Country Saying WHAT THE?!

WHAT were they thinking?!

Townsville Van's Outrageous #TowingTechnique Has The Whole Country Saying WHAT THE?! Facebook Nathaniel Congoo

A video that a Townsville man captured and posted on Facey has got everyone saying WHAT THE?! 

It really has to been seen to be believed...because if you were told this story, there's NO WAY you'd think it actually happened. 


On Monday Nathaniel Congoo posted an outrageous video on Facebook of a van being 'creative' with his towing technique. 

The vehicle was turning onto the Ring Road from Riverway Drive, and no other cars were game to get too close. 

The load of sheet metal certainly looked like it could come loose at any moment, so we don't blame them for keeping their distance! 


An insane decision has quickly become a viral video, racking up over half a million views and nearly 5,000 shares in just 19 hours.

The boys admit they weren't sure what they were actually witnessing...

"Myself and two mates were on the way to pick another mate up to then head fishing for the night," they wrote online.

"As the light turned green, we actually had to stop and wait for him to make the turn as he cut over into our lane. As I’m still recording, we can’t believe what we are actually witnessing." 

While it has us shaking our heads/laughing along, this is definitely not behaviour we encourage, and you should definitely not try this at home. 


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