The Townsville Pic That Will 100% Brigthen Your Day

WARNING: Photo may cause laughter

The Townsville Pic That Will 100% Brigthen Your Day Instagram @lanainwanderlust

Instagram models are flooding our newsfeeds (looking glam AF 24/7) but we may have just discovered the newest, blokiest Insta babe. 

Insta user @LanaInWanderlust has been posting gorgeous pics of our city, but there's one that makes us want to 'like' it infinity times! (is that a thing? it should be!


We're talking about the pic that Lana uploaded showing off one of Townsville's beautiful infinity pools, but there's an Aussie Bloke twist

The fella in the bottom half of the pic is Lana's friend Nick and we respect his sense of humour! 

With a beer in hand, Nick mimicked Lana's model shot keeping his coldie close by. 

"Who did it better? I personally think Nick crushed it with his stubby holder and beer in hand," Lana wrote on Insta. 

Honestly, we're torn as to who did it best, but Nick you win in the giving-us-a-laugh-category!  

Well played, sir. Well played.