The Best Snacks For Your TSV Backyard Fire

It's that time of the year!

The Best Snacks For Your TSV Backyard Fire

The perfect Townsville weekend in winter is a sleep in, getting your chores done, then spending the evening around a warm backyard fire. 

You can't just sit there and look at it though- you need snacks! 

So here's our suggies for the BEST snacks for your Townsville backyard fire. 

  • Marshmallows- of course this is at the top of our list! There's a couple of ways you can enjoy this pillows of yum. Find a stick, pop your marshmallow on the end, heat it over a flame and then enjoy a gooey mooshy marshmallow delight. OR just pass the packet around and eat them fresh!
  • Popcorn- forget the microwave, get it done the natural way! If your fire has a grill plate, you'll be poppin' the night away with some delightful aromas as a bonus! 

  • Chocolate- how can you go wrong with everyone's fav?! Share a block around, or slightly melt it over the flames and Oh.Em.Gee your tastebuds will praise you.

  • Pigs In A Blanket-'ll have to whip these up before your butt hits the camp chair. They're pretty simple dimple to make, so the mess in the kitchen won't be a biggie #winning

  • Hot Milo- drinks can be classified as 'snacks' right...? Make this bevo before you set yourself up for the night. Our secret recipe contains powdered milk, but that's all we're saying ;) 

Before you get the fire burning though, make sure you know the rules and restrictions...