STAY UP TO DATE: 9News Headlines Feb 2

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STAY UP TO DATE: 9News Headlines Feb 2
Townsville journalists Philip Calder, Roanne Boldery, and Tom Fowles will bring you the latest in local happenings each weeknight from 6pm on Channel Nine.

Here's what they have for us this evening...

  • Traffic chaos as an ambulance on its way to an emergency collides with a b-double on a busy Townsville intersection..
  • How the Palaszczuk government's "community champion" intends to help in the fight against crime arrives in Townsville.
  • The new campaign - selling our region to the nation and the world as "my kind of place".
  • And twelve million dollars more on offer at the Townsville Turf Club .. how the cash boost is set to transform racing at the venue.

That's Nine News North Queensland from six.