RSPCA Pets Of The Week

These animals want a new home with you

RSPCA Pets Of The Week

Syrus, Beetle Juice, and Diego are ready for new homes 

There's a variety of animals are the Townsville RSPCA shelter who are itching to go home with you. 

Have a look at our RSPCA Pets Of The Week! 

Beetle Juice

Well hello there, I'm Beetle Juice!

A silly name really, considering I'm as elegant and refined as they come. But take me home today and you'll get to see my true personality shine through. I'm stunning of course, with the fluffiest tail you've probably ever come across! I'm very affectionate too so I do enjoy a good cuddle. I'll be waiting.  


Hola! I'm the truly spectacular Diego. I know I look like a big tough guy, but I'm a seriously laid back dude who just loves to chill out. Other dogs can find my size a little overwhelming so I'll be happiest stretched out relaxing by myself or just with you. I'm a low-exercise-needs, peace and love kind of boy. That means I'm not demanding - I just need a place with enough room for me to spread out my magnificent body. There's no other way to say this - I am truly stupendous. Don't believe me? Call in to see me and be amazed. at the door when you come home from work and probably won't leave you alone after that either. If you're ready to open your heart and home to me I promise to be the best kitty ever, and your best friend until the very end!


Hi, I'm Syrus! I'm a big handsome boy looking for a family that will spend lots of time with me and give me lots of loving! I can be a bit shy at first, but with plenty of reassurance and gentle pats I become so excited to be with you and hang out together! Because of this I'd be best suited to a family who's experienced with owning dogs in the past. I'm also happy to meet with other furry four-legged friends but just like you I don't enjoy having anyone up in my face or running around like crazy! If you do have a pretty chilled out mate at home who'd enjoy having another companion hanging around then bring them in to the shelter for a play date! Otherwise I'm just a big goofy kind of dude, who would be more than happy to join you on afternoon walks, but also love to just chill out and relax at home.​

If these animals are suitable for your home, contact RSPCA Townsville today. 

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