Reef HQ Had Triplets!

Olive Sea Snakes make an Aussie first

Reef HQ Had Triplets!

Everyone down at Reef HQ is celebrating the birth of three, triplet Olive Sea Snakes this week. Staff believe it’s the first time in 25 years the snakes have been born in captivity in Australia!

If you’re not up to speed on the ol Olive Sea Snake, here are some fun facts to go full Attenborough on your friends with.


1: Sea Snakes breathe air, just like regular snakes. Most marine reptiles (Crocs, Sea Turtles, Kraits) split their time between land and the water, but Sea Snakes spend their entire lives in the ocean.


2: Olive Sea Snakes are largely nocturnal, and spend most of the day hiding away in rocks and coral. They have a particularly large lung, but do have to duck to the surface at least once an hour to get some fresh air.


3: The Olive Sea Snake is one of the most common Sea Snake along the Northern Coast of Australia, and is also highly venomous. They are quite curious and will sometimes come up to divers who catch their attention at night, but aren’t aggressive and tend to hunt small to medium sized fish, prawns and crabs.



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