Please Make these now!

Our Own Signature Gelato

Please Make these now!

We love cooling down and treating ourselves with an icy cold gelato here in Townsville – but it seems on the Gold Coast, a hard earned thirst needs a big cold scoop!

Frank Bailey, the owner of Zanette's Gelati has created the first VB flavoured gelato and the ice cream fans are loving it!

It got us thinking - what type of signature ice cream should we bring to Townsville?

Maybe a nice ‘Salty Gym Sweat and Caramel’ flavour?

Or the tasty ‘Oops I burnt myself – better get out the Aloe Vera’ scoop?


The ‘Ritzy Supermarket Mango – with extra Mango chunks’ will set you back, but the

‘Ride Em Cowboys’ (which is Bubblegum and Banana flavoured) will get you ready for game day.

Who’s up for the ‘Coconut Suntan Lotion’ or a refreshing ‘Sunset on the Strand’ (with pineapple, strawberry and raspberry swirls?)

The Castle Hill is nice. It’s similar to a Rocky Road (Get it? Get it!?)


How about we just focus on the most important one.

Getting Frank from the Goldy to make us a giant tub of the ‘XXXX’ flavoured gelato.