Meet The Townsville Teen Giving Back To CanTeen

Liva, you're a champion

Meet The Townsville Teen Giving Back To CanTeen CanTeen Australia

Liva Ulugia is a Townsville teenager who after experiencing the wonderful support of CanTeen Australia, is now giving back. 

"CanTeen is here for you if you're 12-25 and cancer has turned your world upside down"

Liva's life was rocked in 2012 when his sister Matlyn was diagnosed with cancer. 

For the next three years CanTeen kept Liva's life going. 

“I was getting support from them, rebuilding my life, trying to become an independent young person again with confidence,” says Liva. 

Sadly Matlyn did not survive her diagnosis. 

The 17-year-old says it was a difficult time for his family, especially financially. 

“When I lost my sister, we were thousands of dollars in debt. They (CanTeen) provide programs and can take us away to different places and give us opportunities where we can meet other kids.”

“They do it all for free, and it’s really good to have that access when you don’t have any money,” says Liva. 

In the last two years Matlyn has started to spread the word of CanTeen, to thank them for all the great work they did for his family. 

You can donate to CanTeen Australia here