Loggy's Christmas Quiz!

See how many you can guess...

Loggy's Christmas Quiz!

Let’s celebrate the festive season with a brand new game called the

‘Guess the Christmas Movie When I Use Other Words to Describe the Movie’ game.

Yep, the title needs a bit of work. 

  1. Kid with no fear in the Big Apple. Crims with not enough sass.
  2. Guy in dirty white singlet just the way you like it. It’s raining Germans.
  3. Super over-excited man who thinks he’s small. Loves sugar.
  4. Santa fall down from roof go BOOM. Former tool man saves day.
  5. Before Burton boned Bonham Carter he made a bag of bones a star.
  6. In Britain everyone gets love, although some don’t… and some travel to find it – but nevertheless love exists and hurts sometimes when it’s not feeling good. But when it’s feeling good – that’s awesome.
  7. Bells go ding’n so angel’s get wing’n.
  8. Three Ghosts haunt one The same guy who you’d know from ‘Bustin Ghosts’ with three other guys.
  9. Holiday Ro – oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oad. Holiday Ro – oh oh oh oh oh oad.
  10. Questionable friends. A sex addicted alcoholic man and a friendly, naïve, overweight boy.
  11. Austrian Oak transforms to become Superhero.
  12. Shall we swap houses?
    How delightful - your friend is simply lovely and fiddle-dee-dee he is funny!

Now wasn’t that just the best time you’ve had in ages? Same.


  1. A) Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. B) Die Hard. C) Elf. D) The Santa Clause. E) The Nightmare Before Christmas. F) Love Actually. G) It’s a Wonderful Life. H) Scrooged. I) National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. J) Bad Santa. K) Jingle All The Way. L) The Holiday.