Local Police Cracking Down On NQ School Zone Drivers

They aren't going to be lenient

Local Police Cracking Down On NQ School Zone Drivers NSCA

The kids are back at school, which means we need to be extra attentive to our speedo. 

School zone speed limits require you to reach no more than 40km/hr, and the cops are taking things very seriously. 

Police say they won't be lenient on lead foot drivers, urging us to stick to the limit in school zones. 

Senior Sergeant Brendan White says police will be out in force all around the north.

"We're trying to cover as many schools as we can. We also have officers in Ayr, Ingham, and Charters Towers," says Senior Sergeant. 

The boys and girls in blue will be hitting school zones the hardest from Monday-Thursday leading into the Australia Day long weekend. 

Reports are also in that just over 1,000 people were caught for speeding and 103 for drink driving during the Christmas road safety campaign, while 56 were nabbed for using a mobile phone and 69 for not wearing a seat belt.