How You Can Get Amongst Strand Ephemera's Last Days

Check out the final weekend!

Townsvillians, if you’re on the lookout for something fun to chuck into your weekend planner, then look no further because this is the last weekend of Strand Ephemera, and it is a massive hit.

You don’t need to be an art critic to enjoy these installations that pepper the strand walk, many of them drawing on the beach theme to create interesting and eye catching moments.

A highlight of the festival is American artist Scott Wade and his Dirty Car Art.

Wade’s work, at first glance looks like a bunch of old cars have been dumped out on the North Ward beach. But when you get closer, you can see that the dirt encrusted windscreens have been adorned with incredible images, etched into the dust.

But Wade isn’t having all the fun, he’s left a group of cars that are open to the interpretation of local walkers, so if you wanna try your hand at some car art, you can get involved.

There’s heaps more to do and see including nightly dance performances, and works that walkers of any age will enjoy.

Head down quick cos the Ephemera all wraps up at the end of the weekend.

For more details and times check the Townsville City Council website