Forget the 'plank' this is all about the 'plonk'.

A Sunday Sesh we can all enjoy.

Forget the 'plank' this is all about the 'plonk'.

Did you know it’s now possible to have a ripping Sunday sesh and get some decent exercise at the same time?

It’s called ‘Wine and Unwind’ combining relaxing yoga and delicious wine drinking. Cheers to that!

Cliffo & Loggy chatted to yoga instructor Cheryl Lowe who’s bringing the concept to the Centenary Hotel this Sunday and asked her how it all works.

She said, “We start the practice with a mindful drinking practice… we’re really trying to connect with our drink, take a smell of the drink, trying to notice all the different flavours, holding the glass, just noticing the temperature… all the different aspects of mindfulness incorporated into the mindful drinking practice.”

She also said those who didn't want to drink alcohol could still enjoy the practice substituting with a cup of coffee or a herbal tea.

So if you’re after a little more than a standard ‘Sav and Sit down’ check out ‘Wine and Unwind’. All the details are here on Cheryl’s Facebook page.

You can hear the full interview with Cliffo & Loggy below.