Do You Know What These Townsville Places Used To Be Named?

We're rewinding the clock!

Do You Know What These Townsville Places Used To Be Named?

Townsville is home to many icons, but did you know a few of them have had name changes over the years?

You may have even forgotten their original names!

Look below to see our list of things in Townsville that have changed their names over the years. 

The Ville- This casino has switched names a few times actually! Originally The Sheraton Breakwater Hotel and Casino, then changing to Jupiters Casino, and now The Ville.

Reef HQ- Originally known as Reef Wonderland when the aquarium opened in 1987.

The Crocodiles- Before we sung ‘we are the crocodiiiiiles’ local Basketball fans cheered for The Townsville Suns from 1987-1997.

1300SMILES Stadium-  Rewind the clock to the 90’s and this predominately Rugby League ground was originally Stockland Stadium (1995–97), Malanda Stadium (1998) and then Dairy Farmers Stadium (1999–2013).

Flinders HQ- Back in the day party go-ers used to head to the Consortium or as it was commonly referred to… ‘the Consort’.

Townsville Health Hub - before it became a cardio kingdom, this building was one of the party hot spots in Townsville. It has formally been called, The Venue, Bombay Rock, and The Play Pen.

Hotel Grand Chancellor Townsville- This grand building in the heart of the CBD was formally the Holiday Inn, but let’s be real, everyone just calls it the Sugar Shaker anyway, right?

Longboards- This is one of our favourite beach side spots in town, but a few years ago it was Jamaica Joe’s, same amazing view though!

Riverway Drive- If you take notice of road signs, you’ll remember that a while back signs around the Upper Ross would’ve read Upper Ross River Road.

Fulton Gardens- before it became units, this location just behind the Strand was known as the old Townsville Hospital.

Stockland Aitkenvale- Still to this day plenty locals call the shopping centre it's former name, Nathan Plaza. 

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