CONFIRMED: 'Uncontained' Staying At The Strand A Little Longer


CONFIRMED: 'Uncontained' Staying At The Strand A Little Longer Instagram @dave_hampton

Locals have been 'ooo-ing' and 'aah-ing' at Uncontained at Strand Park for weeks now, and Council have confirmed the sky high creations are hanging around a little longer. 

The pieces were erected for the Festival 2018 celebrations, and have been a popular attraction for locals and visitors to see at Strand Park. 


Uncontained is the construction of shipping containers, stacked, and then painted by artists. 

They have featured time and time on Instagram accounts, and we're sure they'll continue to draw attention until they're taken down. 

If you haven't seen them yet, or want another chance to capture photos of the beauty- it will be there until the end of June. 

Townsville City Council owns the containers as a legacy of the Commonwealth Games Festival 2018 funding.