You Could Be The New Face Of Luna Park Sydney!

For Vivid Sydney

You Could Be The New Face Of Luna Park Sydney! Vivid Sydney/Luna Park

If you have ever dreamt of becoming the face of Luna Park… your dream is about to become a reality.

For the first time, Samsung has partnered with Vivid Sydney and are inviting Australians on an epic experience through light and sound at the “The Night. Reimagined.”

From the Sydney Opera House forecourt, 'The Night. Reimagined' is an enormous two-story, 9-shaped labyrinth.

The build zone includes 2km of LED strip lighting with a spiralling aperture structure that features two incredible installations where Samsung will integrate some of the most cutting edge features of their mobile technology including various ‘surprise and delight’ moments for visitors such as Instagram-worthy moments using the super slow-mo booth.

Here, chrome-plated balls burst into the air allowing guests to capture mesmerising slow-motion videos.

Visitors will also have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to turn their selfie into a personalised AR Emoji using facial recognition and then watch on as their face is projected across the harbour on to the iconic gates of Luna Park, the ultimate face swap!

A competition is also in place for one lucky Aussie to be the first new face of Luna Park at Vivid Sydney 2018. The installation will give over 1200 people each night, throughout the duration of Vivid, the chance to become the face of one of Australis’s most iconic landmarks.

‘The Night. Reimagined.’ installation will be on the Sydney Opera House Forecourt from 6pm every night during Vivid Sydney, from Friday 25 May – Saturday 16 June 2018.

Spaces are limited and high demand is expected. Visitors are advised to arrive early. To find out more about ‘The Night. Reimagined.’ at Vivid Sydney, visit their website here.  

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