This Is One Of Sydney’s Most Hidden & Beautiful Spots

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This Is One Of Sydney’s Most Hidden & Beautiful Spots Boy_friend Insta

Sydney’s Royal National Park has some real hidden gems and we think it’s about time they were appreciated for what they are.

The South West Arm Pool is one if the most beautiful spots in the whole state, and sadly it's quite hidden.

It has everything from a giant swimming hole- which is extremely private, to a jump that allows you to jump off high cliffs into deep green water, to a bush walk that goes off the beaten track and there is even a rope swing! 


To get to the pool you enter the Royal National Park and turn a left onto Warumbul Road & park up at the beginning of the Winifred Fire Trail.

It is then a 30-minute walk down the trail to Winifred falls, there is a little waterfall here if you don’t want to trek the whole way.

After the waterfall you kept left, past the viewpoint of the falls, and walk down the path alongside the river. 

If you keep going you will eventually be blessed with the most gorgeous green lagoons.

The water is so clear and beautiful. It's like nothing you have seen before.

The pool is connected by the South West Arm Creek out to the ocean, so the water is a little salty and quite deep.

Bring a picnic and make a day of it!

Swim, relax


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