These Are Sydney’s WORST Suburbs To Live In

Is yours on the list?

These Are Sydney’s WORST Suburbs To Live In

It’s no secret that if we live in an area we are well and truly aware if is good or bad, or do we?

We may be living in a suburb that is actually the complete opposite.

According to Roy Morgan’s State of the Nation report, across the country, our inner city suburbs are getting much safer to live in and the outer suburbs are getting more dangerous.

The report asked local residents from all across Australia about their day to day life in their suburbs and whether they think the crime rate is getting higher.

The Sydney suburbs that recorded the highest amount of people saying yes to higher crime were:

  1. Bradbury-Wedderburn
  2. Lakemba-Wiley Park
  3. Fairfield
  4. Guilford-South Granville
  5. Greenacre-Mount Lewis