There Is A Place In Sydney Where You Can Smash Stuff Up For No Reason

Need to unleash some anger?

There Is A Place In Sydney Where You Can Smash Stuff Up For No Reason Smash Brothers Instagram

We’ve all been there… You’re angry, you’re annoyed and all you want to do is destroy the first thing you see. But no, you can keep your cool right? You don’t want to break your processions...

Now, you can unleash the fury in a safe environment. Introducing Smash Brothers. 

Sydney’s first smash room, helping you destress by breaking items. Come in for a session today and release the rage.


Book a session, grab a weapon of your choice and start swinging at lots of breakable items in a smash room, all to yourself.

What you do in there and how you do it, is completely up to you! Whether it be stress from work or your personal life, there’s nothing better than swinging a bat to vent.

They have all different items to break, such as TV’s, toasters, bottles, cups, plates, blenders and so much more.

If you’ve ever had the feeling to punch straight through your computer monitor, this is for you.

The space has been designed to make sure you feel better when you leave. Your smash session will be solo, but double bookings are available.


The room is also completely safe and all participants are given protective gear.

For more info, check out their website here



– Single Person Package
– 1 x Crate of Breakable Items
– 10 mins of allocated room time



– 2 Person Package

– 2 x Crate of Breakable Items

– 2 x Mystery Items

– 20 mins of allocated room time (10 mins per person, 1 person at a time).

Where: Unit 2 / 1 Phillips Road, Kogarah NSW, 2217

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