The Whopping Fine You Could Cop For Dodgy Parking

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The Whopping Fine You Could Cop For Dodgy Parking

If you're known for a sneaky dodgy park every now and then, you're risking a pretty hefty fine following an increase from the NSW Government.

Parking across a driveway will incur a $257 fine, which has gone up from $110.

Furthermore, if you do this in a school zone, the fine is increased to $330 and two demerit points.

Stopping at an intersection will see a rise from $257 to $330.

And if you stop in a school intersection, this will be a whopping $439 fine and two demerit points.

These changes came into affect as of January this year.

"Parking across driveways, or on a narrow footpath or strip, can pose a significant risk to public safety as pedestrians are forced onto the road to get around the vehicle," a spokesperson from Transport for NSW told Hit.

"Road safety is a shared responsibility so when you're parking your vehicle, please think about how your actions can affect the safety of those around you."