The Night Noodle Markets Are Returning Next Week

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The Night Noodle Markets Are Returning Next Week goodfoodmonth Instagram

It’s one of our favourite times of the year... The Night Noodle Markets are returning to Hyde Park!

The markets will be popping up for 18 nights as part of October’s Good Food Month program.


This is Good Food Month’s 20th year, so you can expect everything to be bigger and better than before.

This year they will even have ’90s and ’00s themed lunches and a pasta battle!!

Now we are talking!

The Night Noodle Markets food stalls will be from Gelato Messina, Hoy Pinoy, the Original Korean Twist Potato, Mr Bao, Shallot Thai, Donburi Station, Waffleland, Wonderbao, Donut Papi, Eat Fuh, Puffle, Poklol, Chat Thai and Teppanyaki Noodle just to name a few.

There will be no eftpos available at the event, so bring your cash.

The Night Noodle Markets

Where: Hyde Park,  Elizabeth St & Park St  2000

When: Oct 4th to Oct 21

Price: Entry is free

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