The Best Places In Sydney To Get Cheap Movie Tickets

Best deals for the school holidays

The Best Places In Sydney To Get Cheap Movie Tickets HitRecord

It’s no secret that going to the movies these days can set you back quite a bit, especially if you have a whole family to take… or if it’s your turn to pay on date night.

But never fear, we have you covered! 

These are the best places in Sydney to get your hands on some cheap AF movie tickets. 

Dumaresq Street Cinema

Dumaresq Street Cinema would have to be Sydney's cheapest cinema! It is located in Campbelltown and all tickets are just $7.50!

Check out the info here

Dendy Newtown

Dendy is super popular on King Street in Newtown!

On Tuesdays they have $13.50 deals all day and if you’re a student, you can get $8 tickets on Wednesday’s,

Oh and it gets better. If you to see a movie on the week of your birthday, you can get a ticket for just $1. 

Check out all of their deals here

Ritz Cinema Randwick

Ritz Cinema is a must to hit up, the most expensive price for a ticket is $16 whether it's a 3D film or not.

On Tuesdays it will set you back just $10.

Check out their session times here

Event Cinemas - George Street

It’s hard to believe that a cinema in the middle of the city is still doing cheap Tuesdays, but here we are.

Tuesday tickets are just $13. If you're a student you can get an $8 ticket on Monday, but you have to join their club to get the deal. 

Hoyts Broadway

Tickets are $13 on Tuesdays!!!! WINNING!  

Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace

Orpheum has some pretty decent discounts on Tuesdays!

The most you will pay is $16.50 for a 3D film and a normal movie is just $13.50!

They also have the 6 After 6 Student Mondays, which is $6 for student tickets after 6pm.

Do you know a cheap movie cinema in Sydney? Let us know in the comments on Facebook. 

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