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Sydneysiders Warned Another Storm Likely On The Way

It's not over!

Sydneysiders Warned Another Storm Likely On The Way Getty

Sydneysiders are being warned that yet another storm could be on the way just hours after the city was woken by thousands of lightning strikes.

Those shocked awake by the stormy weather complained of "massive cracks of thunder" while more than 4600 lightning strikes hit Sydney during the 4am thunderstorm.

But the worst may be yet to come according to Sky News Weather's Samantha Chiari, who told that a dangerous super cell storm could be close behind.

"There's currently a low pressure trough above Sydney and because it's been so hot, it's an unstable environment and that's what has caused the storm," Ms Chiari explained.

"The storm that impacted Sydney wasn't even that sever. Rather, it's the timing that woke everyone up.

"There is the potential for a super cell storm this afternoon or evening and that could bring heavy rain and damaging winds."


The Bureau of Meteorology have also warned that the state may be hit by severe thunderstorms as the predicted cool change looks to come through later than expected.

Super cells are caused by storms rotating as a result of high wind shear and often bring strong winds and hail.