Sydney Wakes Up To Blankets Of Thick Fog

It made it a dangerous commute...

Sydney Wakes Up To Blankets Of Thick Fog

Image Credit: Channel Nine 

This morning, parts of Sydney woke up to thick fog spreading across their suburb!

In some areas the fog was so thick the visibility was less than 500 metres.

This made it a pretty intense and dangerous commute for travellers heading into the city.

Weatherzone meteorologist Jacob Cronje told that clear skies and a high-pressure system after rainfall is the cause of the fog.

He also added, “The fog is still lingering in the west, especially in Richmond where visibility is down to 100 metres… It’s patchy in other places like Olympic Park and Canterbury, but the city is beginning to clear now.”



No flights were affected by the fog.

They are also predicting that we still have plenty more days ahead of us with these foggy conditions. 

Mr Cronje said “There’ll absolutely be more, especially in the immediate days following any rain if there’s not enough cloud.”

Sadly, one accident was caused by the fog, with one car flipping onto its side in Blacktown just before 3am.

We encourage everyone to stay alert and be safe while driving in these conditions.

As the fog clears, the city is predicted to reach a top of 19 degrees today.