Sydney Protest For Equal Pay At Martin Place Tomorrow

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Sydney Protest For Equal Pay At Martin Place Tomorrow Stock image

Tomorrow, women and men across Sydney will leave work early to show support for women's financial security.

The walk-out will take place at 3.50pm - a deliberate move, as compared to men, women work an average of 70 additional minutes a day for free.

The crowd will gather in Martin Place.


Rose McGowan, an activist for women's rights, has also thrown her support behind the event.

"Australian women and men: speak up against inequality in wages," she said in a video message.


This comes as stats surface detailing gender inequality in the workplace, such as women earning 23 per cent less than men over the employment lifecycle and women retiring with 42 per cent less super.

Single women over 55 are also reportedly the fastest growing homeless demographic.

"It’s become a generational pathway from female graduates on less to women facing an uncertain future at 55 years plus. We’re not asking for more, we’re asking for fair,” CEO of the Female Social Network and #WalkOutOz spokesperson Fi Bendall said.


"The WalkOutOz rally is all about equality and a fair go for all women in Australia – stay at home, working women, to women business owners. We’re encouraging women and men to leave work early – at 3.50pm – to demonstrate their support to bring about change of a gender-specific pathway of financial doubt that exists today.

"If you have a meeting you can’t miss or want to support from interstate, #standup from your office or wherever you are and share a photo on social media using the hashtag #Walkoutoz.

"Help us change hearts and minds, bringing financial fairness to the next generation of Australian women."