Sydney Is Getting Its Very Own Red Rock Deli Pop Up & You Can Curate Your Own Flavour

We are so blessed in 2017

Sydney Is Getting Its Very Own Red Rock Deli Pop Up & You Can Curate Your Own Flavour Red Rock Deli

We don’t wanna create a scene, but this is a very BIG deal!

Starting on Monday, October 16th, Sydney will be getting its very own pop-up store by Red Rock Deli called the Taste Space!

We don’t know what we did to be so blessed, but we are so glad we did it!

You literally go down there and curate your own crisps.

At the Red Rock Deli Taste Space, you can indulge your curiosity and match your taste preference to one of our expertly curated flavour pairings. 

Select your first flavour, then combine, complement or contrast ingredients for a crisp bursting with flavour that is so uniquely you.

Whether you like a fiery chilli, tangy herb or spicy sweet mix… there are so many options and literally there’s a flavour for everyone.

Have you ever imagined eating balsamic and caramelised onion flavoured crisps? Well, imagine no more... that can be a reality. 


The personalisation doesn’t stop there: every creation comes in a limited edition Taste Space box, printed on a gorgeous label with your name and flavour!!

Trust us when we say it's next level, we did it today and it was so magical. 



At Red Rock Deli, they have a big team of flavourologists that work with a number of chefs in the Red Rock Deli Kitchen to create restaurant quality dishes.

The Red Rock Deli Flavourologists then taste these dishes and identify the key flavour notes, they then design natural seasonings to replicate the flavour experience on a potato crisp.

Basically they are turning your favourite meals into a crisp and chucking it into a packet to make your life better.

Red Rock Deli Taste Space

Where: Level 2 Pitt Street Mall, Sydney.

When: October 16th 2017 - October 29 2017 (or while stocks last)

Cost: $10 (Card payments only – MasterCard and VISA)