Severe Warning For Those Who Plan To Visit Sydney's Figure 8 Pools

It's not safe anymore.

Severe Warning For Those Who Plan To Visit Sydney's Figure 8 Pools

Image: Instagram / @jiamei222

Tourists and Sydneysiders are being warned by the National Parks and Wildlife Service to avoid visiting one of Sydney's most popular summer hotspots.

A website has been launched urging those who plan to visit south Sydney's Figure Eight Pools to reconsider, as it is no longer safe due to freak waves that smash the site.

It's almost been a year since 70 people were injured.

The website reads, "huge rogue waves smash Figure Eight Pools a LOT. You can't see them coming and they'll wash you off your feet and across sharp rocks."

Despite this high risk danger alert that was published on Sunday, many Instagram users still posted images hanging out at the popular spot. This has lead to authorities asking people not to risk their lives for a simple Instagram snap.

"It's too dangerous to visit Figure Eight Pools now. You can't access the rock platform because it's covered in water and breaking waves. You won't be able to see the pools or take a photo," the warning reads.

"We've seen head injuries, broken bones, and bad cuts and bruises from slipping on rocks. Injured people have had to stay overnight because there's no emergency access."

Stay safe this summer.