Ride-Sharing Company To Offer Free Commutes To Sydney Workers On Monday

'Dude, where's my train?'

Ride-Sharing Company To Offer Free Commutes To Sydney Workers On Monday

A lift-sharing company is set to offer free trips to work on Monday as the public transport chaos looms.

Liftagno, a ride sharing service, is set to open its business carpooling service to consumers for free, to help ease congestion.

The service is typically used by businesses by offering an application to organise ridesharing amongst employees.

Employees are connected to others in the network, allowing drivers to reduce the cost of commuting by sharing the trip to work.

Users are encouraged through the use of fuel vouchers and better parking spots.

And now with the train strike on Monday, CEO Kevin Orr has pledged to help people on their way to work.

“We’ve been working with some of the largest businesses in Australia, providing smart mobility solutions, to reduce the number of cars coming into work, improving transport options for employees and supporting their sustainability initiatives,” he said.

“According to the ABS, 252,786 passengers travel to work by train in New South Wales and are set to be affected by the upcoming strike.

"We thought our solution could be used to provide an alternative means of transportation.

"There are nearly two million lone drivers commuting to work in New South Wales and if just one in seven opted to carpool on Monday, we could get every train commuter to work.”

Commuters will be offered the service for free.

For more information and to register for the service, visit www.dudewheresmytrain.com.au.