Listen Up Sydney: Here’s How To Turn Your 20 Days Of Annual Leave Into A Cool 50

Did someone say holiday?

Listen Up Sydney: Here’s How To Turn Your 20 Days Of Annual Leave Into A Cool 50

We've all been here: you finally take your annual leave and by the time you've just gotten your groove on, it's back to work and you've chewed up all of your holidays! 

Let's face it, the average 20 days of annual leave isn't really that much, especially if you're after a luxurious holiday out of the country... So, what if someone told you that you could extend it? 

We're sure that grabbed your attention. *thinks* they have cracked the code into getting New South Welshians those extra days of leave we so strongly desire... 

No, this doesn't mean 50 consecutive days off, but if you're flexible and happy enough to take many short trips then yep, it looks like it's possible for you to get 50 days of paid leave in 2017. 

It's all got to do with lining up your annual leave with our state's public holidays. 

So, grab a pen and prepare to apply for your annual leave on these days ASAP before the word gets out... 


  • Sunday 1st
  • Monday 2nd (public holiday)

Total trip time: 2 days 

  • Thursday 26th (Australia Day - public holiday)
  • Friday 27th (annual leave)
  • Saturday 28th 
  • Sunday 29th 

Total trip time: 4 days 


  • Saturday 8th 
  • Sunday 9th 
  • Monday 10th (annual leave)
  • Tuesday 11th (annual leave) 
  • Wednesday 12th (annual leave) 
  • Thursday 13th (annual leave) 
  • Friday 14th (Good Friday - public holiday) 
  • Saturday 15th 
  • Sunday 16th 
  • Monday 17th (Easter Monday - public holiday) 
  • Tuesday 18th (annual leave)
  • Wednesday 19th (annual leave) 
  • Thursday 20th (annual leave) 
  • Friday 21st (annual leave)
  • Saturday 22nd 
  • Sunday 23rd 
  • Monday 24th (annual leave) 
  • Tuesday 25th (Anzac Day - public holiday)
  • Wednesday 26th (annual leave) 
  • Thursday 27th (annual leave) 
  • Friday 28th (annual leave) 
  • Saturday 29th
  • Sunday 30th 

Total trip time: 23 days


  • Saturday 10th 
  • Sunday 11th 
  • Monday 12th (Queen's Birthday - public holiday)

Total trip time: 3 days 

September - October: 

  • Saturday 30th 
  • Sunday 1st 
  • Monday 2nd (Labour Day - public holiday)
  • Tuesday 3rd (annual leave) 
  • Wednesday 4th (annual leave)
  • Thursday 5th (annual leave) 
  • Friday 6th (annual leave) 
  • Saturday 7th
  • Sunday 8th 

Total trip time: 9 days


  • Saturday 23rd 
  • Sunday 24th 
  • Monday 25th (Christmas Day - public holiday)
  • Tuesday 26th (Boxing Day - public holiday)
  • Wednesday 27th (annual leave) 
  • Thursday 28th (annual leave) 
  • Friday 29th (annual leave) 
  • Saturday 30th 
  • Sunday 31st 

Total trip time: 9 days (and that's not including '18 New Year!) 

Image credit: @goedebawa Instagram