LATEST RAIL DRAMA: New Trains Too Big For Tunnels

Yes, really.

LATEST RAIL DRAMA: New Trains Too Big For Tunnels

In the latest drama for Sydney commuters, it seems as though there will be little relief offered by the new fleet of trains on order, with the models worth $2 billion too wide to fit through tunnels.

This comes as commuters from western Sydney have sweated through some horrible trips on old trains dragged out of retirement to accommodate the new timetable.

The new trains are being built in South Korea, and are 20cm wider than the current 2.9m wide services.

This is understood to be a bit of a problem for trains on the Blue Mountains line, with it predicted to be a tight squeeze.

The solution to this is apparently for Transport for NSW to relax the current safety standards for train width in tunnels, and for 10 tunnels built in the 1990s to be partially modified.

“It takes a special type of incompetence to buy trains that don’t fit through the tunnels,” State opposition leader Luke Foley said.