Girl Threatens Classmate With Knife During Schoolyard Fight

Incident in the Central Coast

Girl Threatens Classmate With Knife During Schoolyard Fight

Harrowing footage has emerged of what appears to be a knife being drawn during a schoolyard fight.

According to Nine News, the incident was filmed at a Central Coast school on Friday, with two girls seen punching on as classmates watch.

One girl can then be seen raising the weapon and holding it near the other girl's face.

A teacher is then spotted intervening and the girls are separated.

The NSW Education Department has said that mandatory suspensions are issued to anyone who brings a weapon to school.

"The department has a zero tolerance policy towards bullying, violence and harassment," a spokesperson told Nine News.

"All teachers, staff and students have the right to feel safe at school.

"The incident involved two students on Friday morning.

"A staff member intervened quickly and nobody was injured.

"Appropriate disciplinary action was taken immediately and police were contacted.

"The school is providing counselling and support to the other student."

The incident also happened to occur on the National Day Of Action Against Bullying.