Forget Petrol Prices: Bottled Water Hits $9 At Sydney Airport

Is anyone actually shocked?

Petrol prices may continue to rise but they've got nothing on the cost of water in Sydney.

A photo uploaded to Twitter by the ABC's Tom Joyner has plenty of people talking after it highlighted the (slightly odd) price of drinks at the airport.

According to the snap, a 1.25 litre bottle of water will now set you back $9.17.


While it's pretty widely accepted that anything in the airport is going to cost more than the outside world, it's worth noting that you can pick up the exact same bottled water from Woolworths for a mere $2.95.

(We're also just going to point out that most bars at Sydney Airport charge $10 for an alocholic drink.

Understandably, not many people were shocked - or amused.

Tbh, a bit of a joke... 

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