Fluffy The Shark Has Been Released Back Into The Ocean


Fluffy The Shark Has Been Released Back Into The Ocean Image: Ten News/Twitter

An injured great white shark nicknamed “Fluffy” has been released back into the ocean after washing up on Sydney’s Manly beach.

After spending Monday night at Manly Sea Life Sanctuary, the aquarium’s life sciences manager Rob Townsend said the operation to return the 1.5 metre-long shark to the sea was planned with the help of NSW Fisheries.

“This species, particularly with this shark, they don't do very well in enclosed areas so we had lots of divers in the tank last night making sure he didn't bump into the walls,” Mr Townsend told AAP on Tuesday.

While it remains a mystery why the juvenile shark decided to beach itself, Fluffy’s swift return to the ocean would ensure its best chance of survival.

“From the condition he was first found in, flopping around on the rocks, to even just a few hours later to see how well he was swimming in the tank,” added Townsend.

“It's an indication whatever it was that caused him to end up on the rocks is something he can deal with.”


Vision shared on Twitter by Network Ten showed marine experts carrying the shark onto a board ahead of its release, with onlookers bidding farewell.

Good luck Fluffy!