Changes To The NSW Adoption Laws To 'Speed Up Process'

"A loving and safe home for life"

Changes To The NSW Adoption Laws To 'Speed Up Process' pexels

Children in NSW will spend no longer than two years in foster care under a state government plan to streamline the adoption process.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian on Wednesday said proposed new laws will be introduced in parliament this week to ensure no child is bounced between families in the out-of-home care system for years on end.

"We want all children to know that they have a loving and safe home for life," she said in a statement.

"When it is no longer safe for a child to stay at home, we want them to have a permanent home as quickly as possible through guardianship or open adoption. These reforms will help speed up that process."

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The changes will also give parents and extended family members a chance to resolve child protection risks and avoid having children removed.

The proposal follows a discussion paper on the child protection system, released for public consultation a year ago, which suggested stripping parental rights from those jailed over the abuse of their child.