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Basically Everyone In Sydney Is Confused By These Street Signs

What a mess

Basically Everyone In Sydney Is Confused By These Street Signs Reddit Canteenpie

It is no secret that driving in Sydney can be a little tricky these days… and well, tbh, signs like these do not help. 

This street sign, or should we say collection of signs are doing the rounds on Reddit, and you are about to see why.

No one can literally figuring out what it’s saying.

One user wrote that it stands for “Special clearway takes precedent over everything else... 

From there, there's no stopping between 6-10am and 3-8pm and no parking during 10am and 3pm (Mon to Fri). From 8pm onward it's 4 hour ticket parking

On Saturday between 6am and 10am it's a loading zone and then after that 4hour ticket. Sunday 4hour ticket from 8am to 10pm. Outside of all those hours I guess it would be free parking.”

Another added, “technically the driver must remain within 3 or 5 metres of the car and not be stopped more than 3 minutes.”

Other uses expressed their concern about how hard it is to read the signs while you're driving, saying, “I work and drive in the city and I have to memorise these basically because the city so congested sometimes that mis-remembering a sign means it takes me quite a while to drive around to another spot. They actually change fairly regularly too. For instance around the quay and bridge st where light rail is ongoing.”

Other adding, “the irony is that you’d have to stop just to figure out you’re not allowed to stop.” Another stated, "and while stopped looking to see if you can stopped, you'll be written a ticket for stopping in an illegible zone.”

We have to agree tbh… this one is doozey.

What do you think the sign is saying? 

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