Baby With Meningitis Turned Away From Hospital Twice

Brock is still unwell

Baby With Meningitis Turned Away From Hospital Twice

A baby boy was turned away from a NSW hospital twice before finally being diagnosed with meningitis on the third visit.

Now, the parents of little 4-month-old Brock are seriously worried about him, as he remains in hospital suffering seizures.

9 news reports Brock was taken to Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital with flu like symptoms and temperatures reaching 40 degrees on July 10. 

Because he wasn't unresponsive, doctors turned him away. 

Three days later, Brock's mum took him to a local GP, who noticed how sick he was and sent the family to the emergency room of the same hospital straight away. 

But because Brock smiled at the doctor, again he was sent home.

That's when Brock's condition really went downhill. 

While being kept under observation, Brock continued blazing temperatures and began vomiting, soon struggling to open his eyes.

When Doctors performed tests, they read positive for Influenza A and bacterial meningitis. 

Brock’s seizures grew worse so he was airlifted to the Sydney Children's Hospital in Randwick on July 16, where he remains in a stable condition.

Because of the ordeal, he suffered a small stroke and was found to have a blood clot.

Brock is now on strong antibiotics.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up for Brock's medical expenses.