Angry Granville Residents Trapped By ‘Impossible’ M4 Traffic

They can’t even get out the front door

Angry Granville Residents Trapped By ‘Impossible’ M4 Traffic Image: LiveTraffic

Granville residents planning their morning commute may not even get out the front door tomorrow morning due to stingy M4 motorists.

Thanks to the newly-introduced tolls along the Parramatta to Homebush stretch of the road, 4km queues have appeared at the Church St street exit where drivers hope to avoid a $4.56 toll.

The traffic has left many locals like Gerard Pinto and his wife Flory “completely trapped” in their homes.

“It’s impossible to get out of our house, with traffic blocking the street from 7am to 9.30am and again every weekday from 2.30pm to 4.30pm,” Mr Pinto told the Daily Telegraph.

“It is noisy, the air is bad, we can’t have our doors or windows open.”

Granville state Labor MP Julia Finn was not a fan of the reintroduced told and said she’d also been affected by the increased traffic.

“During the morning peak, eastbound queues now stretch up to 4km,” Ms Finn said.

“I was on the M4 at 3.30pm yesterday and the cars were already backed up for more than one kilometre waiting to get off at the Church St exit.

“Locals now face two options: pay an unfair toll on a road they’ve already paid for, or wait in a congested traffic jam each morning and afternoon.”