A Deep Fried Ice Cream Truck Has Hit The Streets Of Sydney


A Deep Fried Ice Cream Truck Has Hit The Streets Of Sydney Duo Duo Ice Cream.

GUYS, there is a brand new food truck hitting the streets of Sydney and they are selling freaking deep-fried ice cream.

Dylan Duong and Chris Duong have teamed up together and given the popular dessert their own creative spin. They have hit Sydney with their truck, Duo Duo Ice Cream... and it will change your life.


They have two flavours to choose from, one is the pandan coconut ice cream in a panko coconut crumb with a salted coconut sauce, and the second is a salted caramel popcorn ice cream in a panko biscuit shell with a butterscotch sauce.

Droools for days. 

The truck launched at the Paddy's Night Market last year and it’s safe to say they were a hit. 

They sold over 300 in just one night!

Now they are popping up all over Sydney just to make sure we all get the best of their creations! 


To find out where Duo Duo Ice Cream truck will popping up next, check out their Facebook here.


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