12 Things You’ll Remember If You Grew Up In Sydney’s West


12 Things You’ll Remember If You Grew Up In Sydney’s West

Image: wonderlandhistory.net

If you grew up in Western Sydney, you probably feel like your life has been enriched because of it. Here are some of the things we remember about growing up in the west!

Growing up surrounded by an amazing mix of people.

Multiculturalism is rich in Western Sydney. You had friends of all colours, races and religions.

Plenty of food options.

Whether you wanted Indian, Vietnamese, Italian, Cuban, Thai or any other cuisines… there was always a variety to choose from.

Hanging out at the Nepean River.

Whether it was to fish, take your boat out or have a swim, it was a great place to be in summer.

Having a Wonderpass during school holidays.

If you were lucky enough to have one of these, your school holidays were absolutely sorted. Wonderland was where everyone wanted to be.

Image: wonderlandhistory.net

There was a strange abundance of places to play mini golf.

Like, a LOT of places.

Knowing the value of hard work.

You had a deep respect for all people regardless of race. The stories of your friends whose parents migrated to Australia to give their kids a better life would stick with you, and you knew it was important to work hard.

You got the C-grade celebs for McHappy Day.

But you didn’t even care, because it was the best thing to happen all year.

Image: Tumblr / thepieshops

Picnics at Parramatta Park.

This was a favourite thing to do for many families on the weekend. If you weren’t in Parramatta Park, maybe you’d be in Glenbrook or bushwalking in the Blue Mountains National Park.

Kaos at Panthers was the place to be.

So many games to choose from, this place lived up to its name.

Paperboys waking you up on a Sunday morning with their whistles.

And the milko delivering his bottles of milk.

Image: Pinterest

Movie tickets were always cheaper.

You were never quite sure why, but you knew everything was a little bit less expensive in your hometown. Especially movie tickets.

You never admitted it, but you always wagged school.

Because it was so easy and the teachers didn’t care.

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