12 NSW Road Rules You Probably Don’t Know About

Did you know about these?

12 NSW Road Rules You Probably Don’t Know About

Road rules are there to keep us safe. While we all know most of them, there are some that we didn’t even know existed – or maybe we’ve been misinterpreting them this whole time!

Did you know about these road rules?

Locking your car

Standing more than 3m away from your car without removing the ignition key and locking doors and windows can get you a fine of $108 per offence.

Mobile phones

Using your mobile on the road is illegal, obviously. But it turns out you can’t even use them while sitting in the drive-thru queue. That will cost you $325 and 3 demerit points! Oh – and it’s also illegal to have a mobile phone on your lap, regardless of whether you’re using it tor not.

Saying goodbye

Having part of your body outside your car window, door or vehicle is illegal and costs you $325. So does tooting your horn unnecessarily – that means tooting or waving goodbye to a friend as you drive off.


We know when using a roundabout you need to indicate when turning left, right or making a U-turn – but it’s not necessary if you’re driving straight through. Well, guess what? No matter which direction you’re going on the roundabout, you MUST use a left indicator as you’re leaving the roundabout – even if you’re going straight! Who knew? Failing to do so can cost you $180 and 2 demerit points.

Giving way to emergency vehicles

Giving way to emergency vehicles is something we are all aware of. But don’t go over the stop line at an intersection to let an ambulance through if the light is red. You’ll still cop a $433 fine and 3 demerit points.

Keeping left

Driving dangerously slow, even if you’re in the left lane, can cop you a $253 fine and 4 demerit points if you cause an ‘obstruction’. Plus, if you see the ‘keep left unless overtaking’ sign – this is often ignored by drivers. But, turns out one rule states that driving in the right lane on a road with a speed limit over 80km/h will cost $325 in fines and two demerit points! So, be careful when overtaking.

Splashing a pedestrian

Splashing mud on commuters waiting for a bus is not only plain rude, but it will cost you $180.

Seat belts

If your passenger has reclined their seat to take a nap or for whatever reason, and they’re sitting in the front, it could mean they will no longer be wearing their seat belt properly. This can cop you $325. If the passenger is under 16 you’ll also lose 3 demerit points.

Front seat

Kids between four and seven years old are not allowed to sit in the front seat – unless all the back seats are full with other under-seven-year-olds. Get ready for a $325 fine and 3 demerits if you disobey. Plus, if your child is under the age of four then they must be secured in an Australian Standards approved child restraint or baby capsule. It must be anchored to the back seat.

Displaying coupons

Did you know if you display more than 3 coupons at a time, you can cop a $108 fine? Unless they’re all in use, that is. Better clean out your car!


Sure, we know you can’t drive your car if it’s unregistered. But you also can’t even park it on the street. So unless you have a garage, you better get that registered ASAP or you’ll cop a $650 fine.


It’s actually an offence to fail to notify the Roads and Maritime Authority when you change addresses! So do that, or you’ll get a $108 fine. It’s so that they know where to send infringement notices.

Source: news.com.au