Local News 10th March 2017

Sunny with a top of 35 today

Local News 10th March 2017

A man's been sentenced to three and a half years in prison after attacking a furniture rental business owner over an outstanding bill.

30 year old Justin Button pleaded guilty to intentionally causing the man harm leaving him with serious facial injuries after the attack in January 2015.

The TAC and Victoria police are set to ramp up breath tests and road safety this long weekend.

The TAC will spread out across 11 Victorian locations including here in Mildura to provide free breath tests to Sunday's race goers at the Mildura Cup.

TAC senior road safety manager Samantha Cockfield says those who are planning on hitting the road this long weekend can stop at one of 6 toll driver reviver sites for a chance to rest.

New laws are set to be introduced in Victoria which will slap people with smaller amounts of ice with a trafficking charge.

The legislation also includes a blanket ban on synthetic drugs often sold as legal highs over the counter of retail shops which claim to have a psychoactive effect.

Under the changes to methyl amphetamine laws commercial trafficking quantity will be slashed from 100g to 50 when pure and 250g down from 500g when cut with another substance.

If brought in the legislation would ramp up the drug trafficking rate in Mildura which grew by 75% from 2015 to 2016.

Sixty three CFA teams will be battling it out for glory at the Senior State Urban Fire Brigade Championships this weekend.

Events for the one thousand competitors include time trials in using tanks, pumps, hoses and ladders.

Local troops from Mildura will compete in the A section of the weekends competition.

In local sport:

Racing revellers will turn out to the Mildura Cup this Sunday to see to of the country's best trainers go head to head.

The 1400 metre Mildura cup will be race 7 with 11 runners set to take part in the race for the win

To cricket: 

It's the final round of the Sunraysia cricket season before semi-finals next weekend.

The top four are locked in place.

Mildura East play top team West - the game could be a preview of next week’s match up.

The final round will see Merbein South take on Workers Gol Gol and Nichols point will play Irymple.