Buronga man charged, after being stopped three times by Dareton Police.

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Buronga man charged, after being stopped three times by Dareton Police.

Police are out in full force across the weekend; a Buronga man pulled over three times in one day.


The 53 year old driver was stopped by Dareton Police at 8.25 am, for an alleged speeding offense, reportedly returning a positive reading to a breath test.


A secondary test allegedly returned a reading of 0.144.


His license was suspended, and he was charged to appear in Broken Hill Local Court at a later date.



The same man was allegedly detected driving again 10.25 am, reportedly returning another positive reading.


He was processed at Dareton Police Station, officers allege he returned a 0.168 result.


The motorist was charged with High Range PCA and driving whilst suspended; bail was issued with conditions, the driver's keys were confiscated.





At around 6.10 pm that same day, officers will allege the same motorist was detected driving again.


He was arrested and processed, reportedly returning a breath analysis reading of 0.219.


Officers investigating matter have allegedly identified that the driver collected his spare key for the vehicle prior to driving on the last occasion.


The driver's bailed was refused and he was charged with high range drink driving, driving whilst suspended & breach of bail.


The driver was refused bail overnight, conditional bail was later granted to appear at the Wentworth Local Court in July.