Should SBRC Freeze Rates for Drought-Affected Residents?

Follow in the footsteps of TRC

Should SBRC Freeze Rates for Drought-Affected Residents?

Residents of the South Burnett are asking “what about me” when it comes to a rate freeze for our locals suffering from the horrendous drought conditions gripping the region.

The call comes after Toowoomba Regional Council voted unanimously this week to introduce measures to defer payment of rates for the first half of this financial year.

The deferment of payment is available to any ratepayer who is able to demonstrate eligibility for the Australian Government Farm Household Allowance as a direct result of the 2018/19 drought.

This has left some South Burnett drought affected residents are asking for a something similar.  South Burnett Regional Council recently extended rate notices due date to November 7.

Councillor Ros Heit said it was something that would have to be looked at and would need to be investigated further.

Would you like to see SBRC follow in Toowoomba Regional Councils lead?

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