This Goth Christmas In July Feast Will Brighten Your Dark Heart!

A Christmas to match your soul.

This Goth Christmas In July Feast Will Brighten Your Dark Heart! Frank PR

Christmas in July is a big deal, it may not be to you, but a lot of people like to have festive treats smack bang in the middle of winter because as much as we love a warm Christmas, a cold Christmas is good too!

If Christmas in July is your kind of thing, or you want to give it a go, there's a very unique experience coming to Perth this month that you might want to go to!

Kraken Spiced Rum is going on a tour of Australia for their Kraken Kristmas In July, but this isn't your regular Christmas feast.


The meal is a menu of dark black dishes that have been created by some of Australia's top chefs.

On your table you'll find meals created by 'blackened' seasonal food and cocktails that are nothing like anything you've seen before.

If you buy a ticket to this wonderful feast, you'll not only get a tasty meal and some creative cocktails, you'll also get a free gift from Kraken Spiced Rum and will be able to enjoy live entertainment that will really rock your bones!

Guests will enter the feast on a black carpet, with live violinists playing inside a giant snow globe and will be greeted with a Kraken rum cocktail at the door.


The experience will be coming to Perth on Thursday, July 19, so if this sounds like something you'd like to attend, you can buy a ticket right here!

Happy goth Christmas, everyone!

What: Kraken Kristmas In July

Where: The Flour Factory, 16 Queen Street, Perth

When: Thursday, July 19th / 7:00pm – 10:00pm

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