This Chocolate & Wine Masterclass Is The Only Event You Need To Mark In Your Diary!

Chocolate AND wine?!

This Chocolate & Wine Masterclass Is The Only Event You Need To Mark In Your Diary! The Sewing Room Facebook

You might think that there's no better pairing than a good cheese and a delicious wine... well, turns out there's actually two perfect pairings.

Have you ever paired a rich piece of chocolate with a tasty wine?!

Perth, prepare yourself, because there's a chocolate and wine pairing masterclass happening this week and it's going to make your weekend binge-fests so much better!

The Sewing Room has partnered with the Margaret River Chocolate Company for this fancy event that will teach you about which flavour of chocolate tastes the best with your beloved bottle of red.

As the event explains, "participants learn all about chocolate and wine and get to taste a range of single-origin chocolates as well as pairing chocolates to a variety of red, white, sparkling and dessert wines."

If that wasn't enough, you'll also get to taste a selection of chocolate liqueurs and take a free bottle home!

The first masterclass takes place at The Sewing Room this Thursday, so grab your tickets here and get ready to become a chocolate and wine connoisseur!

Chocolate & Wine Tasting Masterclass

Where: The Sewing Room Bar - 317 Murray St, Perth.

When: Thursday September 6

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